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Guidelines and tools for responsible international knowledge cooperation

The guidelines provide an overview of laws and regulations that the Norwegian research and education sector must adhere to, and they highlight key considerations and procedures for faculty, and for institutional leadership and administration. The guidelines offer tools for managing risks and enhancing security in international academic cooperation.

General advice for institutional leadership and administration

Here you'll find a summary of advice aimed at institutional leadership and administration for the development of systems for responsible international cooperation.

General advice for academic communities

Here you'll find a summary of advice directed towards academic communities to develop responsible international cooperation.

International research and innovation cooperation

Here you’ll find resources on research cooperation, open science and data sharing, and agreements on research cooperation.

International higher education cooperation

Here you’ll find an overview of known challenges in international cooperation in higher education, what information should be assessed about partner country and partner institution.

Risk and security management at the knowledge institution

Here you’ll find resources on security management, recruitment and appointment, and the safeguarding of employees, students, and guest researchers.

Academic values and research ethics

Here you’ll find resources on academic freedom, open science and research ethics.

Export control of knowledge transfer and international sanctions

Here you’ll find an overview of Export Control Regulations and international sanctions, the responsibility of knowledge institutions, and the recommended assessments for leadership and management, and for the academic community.

Information security and data protection

Here you’ll find an overview of legal frameworks and tools tied to challenges and responsibility in the area of information security and data protection. What should be considered in digital cooperation with partners abroad?

Worth knowing

Concepts, needs and target group

Introduction to what responsible international knowledge cooperation is, who the guidelines are for, and various definitions of terms.

Central authorities and areas of responsibility in Norway

Below is a brief overview of institutions and areas of responsibility that are in various ways important to accountability compliance in international knowledge cooperation.

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The Directorate for Higher Education and Skills (HK-dir)