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General advice for academic communities

Here you'll find a summary of advice directed towards academic communities to develop responsible international cooperation.

Recently edited : 31. October 2023
  • Keep informed about countries, political contexts, partner institutions and academic community when entering into knowledge cooperation as regards security challenges, laws and regulations and possible challenges in relation to academic values and ethics.
  • Clarify expectations with partners regarding academic freedom and research ethics in the planning process and endeavour to create partnerships that are as equitable as possible with regard to funding, interests, etc.
  • Carry out risk assessments relating to academic freedom, research ethics and export control based on information about country context, and plan preventive measures.
  • When cooperating with challenging countries, define the strategic framework for the cooperation and set out your expectations of compliance with academic freedom and research ethics principles etc. in the agreements drawn up. Discuss in advance which breaches will lead to the agreement having to be terminated, how the cooperation agreements should allow for such termination and how it will be handled in practice.
  • Seek advice from support services at the institution and/or from the relevant authorities when making difficult assessments.