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International higher education cooperation

Here you’ll find an overview of known challenges in international cooperation in higher education and what issues should be assessed in relation to partner country and partner institution.

Partnerships in higher education

What issues should be assessed when establishing a cooperation in higher education and agreements on student exchange?

Higher education agreements

What should be assessed by institutional leadership and management when entering into agreements on international higher education cooperation?

Student exchange

What responsibilities do higher education institutions have for students on study abroad programs and what assessments should be made?

Information security and data protection

What does information security entail and what responsibility do the knowledge institutions have regarding information security and data protection? What should be considered in digital cooperation with partners abroad?

Export control of knowledge transfer and international sanctions

How should export control and international sanctions be integrated into assessments of international knowledge collaboration? When do you need to apply for an export license?

Inviting and safeguarding visiting researchers

What should be considered when recruiting visiting researchers and guest lecturers?