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Turbo evaluation for employers

Do you want to hire a person with foreign educational documents? The Norwegian Directorate of Higher Education and Skills offers a fast track or “turbo evaluation” that can help you understand the documents.

Recently edited : 28. October 2023

Turbo assessment for employers who have job seekers or employees with foreign higher education.

This service can help employers understand foreign educational documents.

The assessment can be used by employers who, for various reasons, need to know more about employees' or applicants' higher foreign education. This may, for example, be in connection with employment or salary placement. The service provides a brief assessment of the scope and level of the foreign higher education and whether it can normally be equated with a Norwegian degree.

About the evaluation

We prepare a short evaluation that includes:

  • Whether the education is accredited in the country in question.
  • Whether the foreign education is equivalent to a Norwegian degree in the Norwegian education system.
  • The discipline in which education has been taken.

We only consider completed higher education (education at the university and university college level).

This evaluation is not a legally binding decision, but an opinion intended to assist employers. Individuals can apply for general recognition of their foreign higher education. These cases have a more extensive case procedure, and a legally binding decision is made.

Limitation of the service

This service is only for companies that are in a hiring process. Companies offering recruitment and staffing services are not eligible for this service.

We do not include work experience, unfinished education or short courses in our assessment.

For turbo evaluations, we do not contact the educational institution to check the authenticity of the documentation. However, we will inform you if there are any discrepancies and/or reasons to suspect that the documents are not genuine. It is the employer’s responsibility to assess whether the applicant has the appropriate professional qualifications for the job.

Turbo evaluations are only for use in relation to a specific position. The applicant is always entitled to apply for an individual general recognition of their education.

All countries will be considered, apart from

  • Afghanistan
  • Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Iraq
  • Yemen
  • Liberia
  • Libya
  • Sierra Leone
  • Somalia

We have a recognition service for those who cannot get their education recognised due to lack of incomplete or unverifiable documentation. See the recognition procedure for persons without verifiable documentation (UVD procedure).

The service does not include recognition of regulated professions, which are subject to authorisation from the competent authority. See the list of regulated professions.

Send a request

All requests for turbo evaluation must be submitted via our turbo portal. The login uses ID-porten.

NB! When a new business wants to create a profile in the portal, the registered CEO must log in first.

  1. Log into the portal.
  2. Go to forms and select "turbo evaluation».
  3. Fill out the form and upload relevant educational documents: diploma (diploma) and transcript, grade sheet (diploma supplement) for the entire educational course, for all the degrees that need to be considered. *
  4. Upload translated copies of the educational documents. *
  5. Submit the request. You need to fill out one form for each applicant you want us to evaluate.

* Remember that all personal information in all educational documents and translations must be anonymized before you upload them in the portal.

What’s next?

We confirm that we have received your email and state our expected response time.

We normally reply to emails within five working days.

If we need to obtain additional information, the process time may be longer. We will inform you if this is the case.