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Recognition procedure for applicants without verifiable documentation (UVD)

This is an alternative recognition procedure for applicants without verifiable documentation. You will be referred to this procedure if you apply for general recognition of foreign higher education and your documents cannot be reliably verified.

Recently edited : 28. October 2023

Who is this procedure for?

This procedure is meant for applicants with foreign higher education, that is education at the level of university/college, whose qualifications cannot be assessed in the regular general recognition procedure due to missing, insufficient or unverifiable documentation. The procedure is aimed specifically at refugees and people in a refugee-like situation, and helps Norway fulfil its obligations towards Article VII of the Lisbon Recognition Convention (

How do I apply?

You need to apply for general recognition of foreign higher education before you can be referred to the procedure for applicants without verifiable documentation (UVD procedure). You will be referred to the UVD procedure if you apply with missing, insufficient, or unverifiable documentation.

How does the procedure work?

  • You will receive an invitation to participate in the UVD procedure.
  • If you say yes, you will be invited to a preliminary interview with two credential evaluators, where you will receive more information about the process and what is expected from you.
  • After the interview you will receive a questionnaire to be filled in and returned to us along with documentation on language proficiency and residency in Norway.
  • If you qualify for the procedure, we will set up an expert assessment for you. The assessment consists of a written exam and an interview with an expert committee.
  • We will make a decision on general recognition of your qualification(s) based on the report from the panel of experts.

Important to know

This procedure requires more from you than the regular recognition procedure. You must be prepared to make an effort and to actively participate in the dialogue with us throughout the process.

Experts in the UVD procedure

Decisions in the UVD procedure are based on an assessment from an expert committee. An expert committee consists of 1-2 academic experts and one representative from the Directorate of Higher Education and Skills.

The Directorate’s representative acts as a project leader to ensure efficient processing, consistent assessments, and equal treatment of cases. Expert committees are appointed by the Directorate as needed.


  • Experts in an expert committee should, as a rule, be associate professors or professors in the applicant’s field of study.
  • The experts should have teaching experience in a relevant field of study.
  • If there are two experts, they should preferably come from different institutions. Experts are usually recruited from Norwegian accredited universities or university colleges, but in case there is no relevant expertise in Norway, it could be necessary to recruit experts from Sweden or Denmark.

Contact us

You can get in touch with us at if you have general questions about the UVD procedure. If you already have an application with us, please message us through the applicant portal to reach your contact person directly.

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