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How to apply - tertiary vocational education

To apply for recognition, it is necessary submit your application digitally through our application portal. We recommend you apply from PC/Mac and not from your mobile phone.

Recently edited : 28. October 2023

About logging into the application portal

There are two log in options to the application portal. You can log in with:

  • Norwegian personal number: log in with electronic ID
  • Username and password: make an account as “utenlandsk bruker” (foreign user)

Your user profile in the application portal is either linked to your Norwegian personal number or to the user profile with password that you create yourself. Please use the same way to log in every time.


If you have Norwegian D-number, we recommend you log in as “utenlandsk bruker” even though you have electronic ID. This is because you lose the access to this user when you get a Norwegian personal number.

Choose correct application form

There are different application forms for the various recognition schemes. If you submit the wrong form, you must reapply with the correct application form. Read more about the different recognition schemes. (link to come)

Fill out the application form

Fill out the application form by entering relevant information about yourself and your qualifications.

It is your responsibility to upload the documentation we require and ensure that the digital files are of good quality and easy to read. Read more about the documentation requirements before applying; you will find a link below.

Documentation requirements

Apply for recognition

When you submit an application in the application portal, it is automatically registered with us. You will receive a receipt with the case number by e-mail.

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