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NORPART - Call for proposals 2024


The Norwegian Directorate for Higher Education and Skills announces the call for applications for project partnerships between higher education institutions in Norway and partner institutions in selected partner countries in the Global South. The budget for the programme is NOK 35 million per year for the period 2024 to 2028, subject to annual approval by the Parliament. The next call for applications is foreseen in 2028, subject to approval by the Parliament.

Who can apply?

The applicant must be an accredited Norwegian higher education institution or an institution with accredited higher education programs.

Each application must include at least one accredited higher education institution in a NORPART partner country. NORPART partner countries are listed in the Call for applications.

Applicants are generally encouraged to establish collaboration with other actors where this can strengthen the project. Partners may include other higher education institutions, public or private enterprises, research institutes, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) or other organisations in Norway or in a partner country. Partners outside Norway or the NORPART partner countries may in certain cases be included, if they bring added value. NORPART recognises both North-South and North-South-South partnership as important means to reach the partnership goals.

Previously funded NORPART projects may apply if the proposed project provides added value and is clearly innovative compared to the previously funded project.

Application deadline

3 June 2024 10:00h

About the call

The overall aim of NORPART is to contribute to enhanced quality of higher education in Norway and selected partner countries, through academic cooperation and mutual student mobility. Furthermore, the projects should contribute to the graduation of qualified candidates with knowledge and skills relevant for the local labour market, and to the development of knowledge that can effectively address local and global challenges.

The purpose of this call is to fund projects that aim to achieve the following objectives:

  • Strengthened partnerships for education and research between partner countries and Norway.
  • Increased quality and internationalisation of academic programmes at participating institutions.
  • Increased mobility of students from the partner countries to Norway, including mobility in connection with work placements.
  • Increased mobility of students from Norway to partner countries, including mobility in connection with work placements.

How can you apply?

Applications must be submitted through the application and reporting portal Espresso.

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