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Arctic Research and Studies - Call for proposals 2023

• Arctic Research and Studies

The call provides preparatory support grants for the initiation of joint Norwegian-Icelandic cooperation and project development in the field of Arctic scientific research.

Who can apply?

All public and private Norwegian and Icelandic higher education institutions and research organisations can apply. Individuals may not apply.

Application deadline

Expired calls

About the call

Preparatory support grants are given to projects whose purpose is to develop joint applications in the field of Arctic science to international programs for research and higher education, such as Horizon Europe, Erasmus+, EEA funds, NordForsk, and others.

The call is based on an agreement between Iceland and Norway on cooperation in Arctic scientific research. The Arctic Research and Studies programme is financed by the Icelandic and Norwegian Ministries of Foreign Affairs. The Icelandic Centre for Research (Rannís) administers the programme in collaboration with the Norwegian Directorate for Higher Education and Skills (HK-dir).

Contact person at Rannís is

All information about the call for proposals is available at:

How much funding can you apply for?

The maximum allocation per project is 25 000 EUR.

Eligible activities that can be funded:

  • Costs for preparatory work
  • Mobility costs (up to 10 000 EUR per project)

The programme provides lump sums based on fixed rates for mobility costs and preparatory work. Please consult chapter 6 in the Programme Guide for details about the rates.

Terms and conditions

Disbursement of the grant will be subject to documented submission of a prepared joint application to the EU framework programme for research and innovation, Horizon Europe, and other international competitive research and education programmes such as Erasmus+, Nordplus, EEA and Norway Grants, NordForsk and more.

Both Icelandic and Norwegian partners must have significant roles in the project under preparation. In programmes where the minimum number of participating countries is three, mobility funding for third country participants/experts is eligible. The maximum duration of funded individual mobility is 12 days.

The preparatory support grant can be given for a maximum of 17 months.

See the Programme Guide for detailed information about the terms and conditions of the call.

How can you apply?

Apply electronically via Rannís' application system. See for detailed information on application requirements and attachments.

Guidance and templates

See the Programme Guide for information on the Arctic Research and Studies programme and the call for proposals:

How is the application processed?

The following criteria must be fulfilled for an application to be eligible for assessment:

  • It must be submitted.
  • It must be complete with all annexes; budget & activity plan, declaration of honour and mandates.
  • It should be written in English.
  • It must include at least two institutions, Icelandic and Norwegian.
  • There is a clear Arctic relevance.

What will be emphasised in the assessment?

Applications are assessed by experts from Rannís and HK-dir, who agree on a consolidated list of applications which should receive funding. Rannís takes final grant award decisions, but single decisions exceeding 25,000 EUR in annual funding are subject to Joint Programme Committee approval.

Applications may receive full funding (what has been applied for), partial funding (only some of the applied activities are funded, or the budget has been reduced) or be rejected.

What is the timeline of the selection process?

The applicant can expect an answer within 45 days after the application deadline. In case the applicants have identified a call taking place ahead of the application deadline, the review process can take place earlier. Applications are processed on a quarterly basis throughout 2023.

What terms will apply to projects that receive a grant?

All grant recipients are obligated to report to the Arctic Research and Studies programme no later than 30 days after the contract period has expired. The reports are to be submitted online, in the final report form which will be available through the website:

For grant agreements exceeding 12 months’ duration, Rannís can request an interim report. A standard form for interim report will be provided by the programme.

Contact us

Herdis Kolle

Senior adviser