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Higher Education Entrance Qualification (GSU)

The general basis for admission to universities and university colleges in Norway is called Higher Education Entrance Qualification. For applicants with foreign education, the requirements are specified in the GSU-list.

About the list

The list was last updated 15 March 2023. The list is also available in Norwegian.

Check the requirements for your country or your international qualification

Entrance requirement for admission to higher education consists of both of education requirements and language proficiency requirements in English and Norwegian. All applicants with education from outside the Nordic countries, proficiency in the Norwegian language must be documented. See information about Norwegian and English language requirements.


The following countries were revised 15 November 2023:

  • Australia, Australian Capital Territory
  • Australia, Victoria
  • Guinea
  • Indonesia
  • The Netherlands
  • Ukraine
  • Austria

The language requirement for the following countries was updated 15 November 2023:

  • Albania
  • Moldova
  • Hungary
  • In addition the following was introduced: a new combination of Norwegian tests to cover the requirement for Norwegian and a test in English to cover the requirement in English. See Language requirements.

See the individual countries for information about the revision.

The following countries were revised 15 November 2023: