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BRAVO - Bridging a European Network for Recognition of Vocational Qualifications

The BRAVO project seeks to explore and enhance the extension of the role of the NARIC network in the field of vocational qualifications on EQF level 4 and 5.

Recently edited : 1. March 2024

Project name: Bridging a European Network for Recognition of Vocational Qualifications (EQF 4 and 5)
Project Acronym: BRAVO
Project number: 101101715
Eligibility period: 01.01.2023 – 31.12.2024

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The aim of this project is to extend the NARIC network to include a network for vocational qualifications. Further, the project will map knowledge on how vocational qualifications are assessed and recognized in Europe today and facilitate best practice sharing on vocational recognition through workshops.

To address the lacking cooperation in the field of recognition of vocational qualifications, the project will work towards extending the NARIC network to include a network for recognition of vocational qualifications. In order to gather knowledge on recognition policy and the work that NARIC offices and other relevant bodies are already doing on vocational qualifications, the project will identify relevant offices who are working with, or are planning to work with, recognition of vocational qualifications through a survey. In addition, there will be best practice sharing workshops on recognition of vocational qualifications.

At the end of the project period, the project will have:

  • Mapped EU policy on recognition of vocational qualifications in Europe
  • Mapped the scope of existing recognition schemes of vocational qualifications in Europe
  • Mapped the relevant tools for assessment
  • Identified relevant stakeholders in the vocational sector
  • Established a network for better information flow about vocational qualifications across European countries
  • Facilitated best practice sharing through workshops with the partners and relevant guests
  • Delivered two reports; one with the results from the survey to the NARIC offices, and one with the main findings from the best practice workshops


Project Kick-off in Paris 9-10 March 2023

The kick-off meeting for the BRAVO project was held at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris 9-10 March 2023. Project team members from all three partners attended the kick-off.

The meeting was an arena for the project members to get to know each other.

The Coordinating partner had a meeting with UNESCO where the project was described and the relevance of the project in todays Europe was discussed. UNESCO held interesting presentations for all the partners, and listened to the partners when they held their presentations about how they work.

The project team went through project administration, documentation and budget. There was an in depth session about the project aim, workplan and all the work packages. In addition, the project team went through the Consortium Contract and the Communication Strategy.

The project team also had a workshop where the activities related to the survey and the desk research were discussed and worked on.

Kvinner og menn står foran en blå promoteringsvegg hos UNESCO mens de smiler mot kamera.

Kick-off at UNESCO Headquarters, Paris.

The Bravo Survey

The BRAVO project distributed a survey to the NARIC network in May 2023. Through this survey, the project has aimed to identify relevant recognition offices and stakeholders who are working with, or are planning to work with, recognition of vocational qualifications. In addition, the nature of the recognition schemes for vocational qualifications was explored. The survey also aimed to find whether there is interest and need for a potential network for recognition of vocational qualifications.

Watch the main survey results presented in the BRAVO survey webinar (17 minutes).

Project Report

Mapping recognition of foreign vocational qualifications

This report has been produced halfway through the BRAVO project and presents the results of a survey of the ENIC-NARIC network, and selected other recognition authorities, and their practices in the area of assessing foreign vocational qualifications. The results are presented together with the project team’s own research to show the connections to European policies on recognition and vocational education and training. The report provides a description of the results, which is designed to lay the foundations for further discussions, workshops and analysis leading to recommendations during the second half of the project.

Project workshop in Cologne 14-15 February 2024

The meeting in the beautiful city of Cologne marked the second phase of a workshop series for the BRAVO project. Project team members from all three partner countries gathered to discuss vocational qualification recognition methodology in practise. The meeting was also a unique opportunity to learn more about recognition of foreign vocational qualifications in Germany from our host, the BQ Portal, as well as ENIC-NARIC Germany and guests from different recognition bodies in Germany.

To the great joy of the team, the workshop was also visited by the Senior Human Capital Development Expert Michael Graham at the European Training Foundation (ETF). He presented the work currently being done by ETF to map and support qualifications recognition centres in their partner countries.

The discussions among BRAVO team members and guests contributed to a better understanding of the diversity of recognition procedures and services that exist in Germany and throughout the ENIC-NARIC network. The outcomes of the workshop in Cologne will be elaborated further in the final report of the project.

In October 2023, the project team met in the historic city of Vilnius to map out the current policy context on vocational qualifications at EU level. This workshop was visited by Kinga Szebeni,Seconded National Expert at European Commission DG, as well as Gunnar Vaht, member of the NARIC Advisory Board (NAB).

The third BRAVO workshop is planned to take place in Stockholm in June 2024.

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