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What is recognition of foreign education and how do I apply?

Do you have a foreign education, and do you wonder if you need a recognition of this education in Norway? Or are you curious about the recognition procedure for foreign education in Norway? Then this digital event is for you!

Time and date: 4 October 2023 08:00h- 4 October 2023 09:00h
Location: • Virtual

About the event

We invite you to join our virtual conversation with our advisers. Our advisers will guide you through the application process, and answer questions you may have regarding the recognition of foreign education.

We will talk about:

  • What recognition of foreign education is
  • We are now The Norwegian Directorate of Higher Education and Skills
  • The application procedure
  • The benefits of recognizing foreign education in Norway

This online event is relevant for those who wish to apply for recognition of their foreign education and those interested in this subject and wish to learn about our recognition schemes.

During the event, audiences can pose questions in the chat. Our experts will response either verbally or written. Questions regarding active applications submitted in our application portal, should be sent to our email address:

This event has no registration deadline. Click on the link below to join on Wednesday the 4th of October, 10:00 am.

Recognition of foreign education

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