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Do you want to work in Norway with your teacher or kindergarten teachers education?

Join our digital chat room to learn more about this and get answers to any questions you may have. To work permanently as a teacher in school or as head of supervisor and educational supervisor in kindergarten, you must apply for recognition from The Norwegian Directorate for Higher Education and Skills. We are the responsible recognition authority for these professions.

Time and date: 24 January 2024 09:00h- 24 January 2024 10:00h
Location: • Virtual

About the event

This event is part of our digital chat room series for recognition of foreign education. This time, we invite those who are applying for recognition as a teacher or head of supervisor and educational supervisor, or for those of you who work as employers in schools and kindergartens, and have questions about our recognition schemes.

Along with the questions we will answer from you, we will also talk about:

  • What the recognition scheme for teachers and supervisor and educational supervisor is
  • What the requirements for recognition are
  • How to apply for the recognition schemes
  • What we at HK-dir assess and what the employer should assess

Important: The digital chat room has no registration deadline. Log in at 10:00 AM on Wednesday 24th of January, to participate in the Zoom link below:

Recognition of foreign education

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