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National Quality Framework for Career Guidance

Presentation of the areas of Competence standards, Career competence and Ethics

RapportPart of report series: No

This report has been prepared as part of the work on the National Quality Framework for Career Guidance, for which Skills Norway has been commissioned by the Ministry of Education and Research. The report presents three out of four areas in the assignment: competence standards, career competence and ethics.

Publisher:Skills Norway
Authors:Gry Eilen Bakk, Line W. Engh, Ingjerd Espolin Gaarder, Tonje F. Gravås, Erik Hagaseth Haug, Anne Holm-Nordhagen, Torild Schulstok, Rie Thomsen


In 2018, a proposed solution for each of these three areas was developed in collaboration with three broadly composed groups, involving representatives from a range of sectors, roles and administrative levels involved in career guidance services. The groups were headed by the specialists Torild Schulstok, Assistant professor (Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences – INN), Rie Thomsen, Professor in career guidance (Aarhus University), Anne Holm-Nordhagen, Assistant professor (USN) and discipline coordinator Erik Hagaseth Haug, Associate professor (INN), assisted by Tonje F. Gravås, Line W. Engh and Gry E. Bakke from Skills Norway. The proposed solutions were circulated for comment in the spring of 2019. This report presents the three areas after the comments were incorporated.

Skills Norway would like to thank the participants from the three groups for their extensive and highquality contributions towards the development of the proposed solutions. We would also like to thank the four specialists for their efforts, both in the implementation of the project and for their invaluable expert contributions.

In July 2021 Skills Norway became part of the Directorate for Higher Education and Skills.