Norwegian Panorama Virtual Exchange/COIL Partnerships Initiative: U.S., Japan and South Korea

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The Norwegian Panorama Virtual Exchange/COIL Partnerships Initiative targets higher education institutions  that are interested in creating Virtual Exchange / Collaborative Online International Learning courses and programs with new or existing partners. NB. The deadline for the call has been postponed to 20 February.

Søknadsfrist: 20. februar 2023 innen kl 16:00

    Who can apply?

    Any accredited, degree-granting, higher education institution based in Norway, the U.S., Japan, or South Korea is eligible to submit an application on behalf of the proposed VE/COIL partnership.

    The partnership must include a Norwegian accredited higher education institution, and at least one accredited higher education institution from either the U.S., Japan or South Korea. The partnership may at a maximum include one higher education institutions from two of the partner countries (i.e. U.S., Japan and South Korea) in addition to the Norwegian partner institution.

    Looking for a partner? AAC&U’s Institute on VE/COIL is hosting partner networking events and an online networking site to help institutions find partners to jointly apply for this Initiative. Click here to learn more.

    What can you apply for?

    Selected partner institutions will designate instructors and administrators to take part in AAC&U’s Institute on Virtual Exchange Collaborative Online International Learning, commencing in March 2023 through December 2023.

    The AAC&U Institute on Virtual Exchange Collaborative Online International Learning incorporates a proven method for utilizing VE/COIL modalities to foster course and institutional-level transformation. This includes a cohort-based professional development program for instructors and administrators that is custom designed to fit the needs of each cohort.

    Working closely with multilingual and multicultural VE/COIL experts, participating campus teams will receive:

    • High-quality professional training by world-renowned VE/COIL experts including:
      • Blended (synchronous and asynchronous) professional development training.
      • An in-person, culminating training workshop in Norway.
      • Customized mentored guidance throughout the periods of course/program implementation and post-assessment for all participating institutions
      • Campus visits to institutions leading up to their pilot VE/COIL implementation
    • Access to best practices and critical resources on creating and sustaining global VE/COIL higher education partnerships.
    • Facilitated online dialogue, collaboration, and peer-to-peer learning within an international cohort from a diverse range of partner institutions.

    See the Call for applications for more information about the activities. The call for applications is also translated to Japanese and Korean.  

    How to apply

    The applications are submitted through the application and reporting system, Espresso.  

    Click here to start writing the application.

    Please see the Application Guidelines for more information

    Applications may be submitted on a rolling basis for a technical review prior to the deadline. Only complete applications submitted online by the deadline below will be accepted for consideration.

    Please see the recording of the information webinar held 11.january.

    Deadline: The deadline to submit a completed application is February 20, 2023, 16:00 CET.

    Questions? Contact HK-dir or refer to the FAQ.

    More about the Norwegian Panorama Virtual Exchange/COIL Partnerships Initiative: U.S., Japan and South Korea

    Investing more resources into digital collaboration methods within the higher education sector provides flexibility and resiliency for partnerships and creates a space for adaptation within continually shifting national and global conditions.
    As global student populations become increasingly diverse, more students are finding study abroad unattainable for economic, family, and professional reasons. To ensure a larger percentage of graduates are well prepared for a globalized world there is a need to support options that are more accessible.

    Virtual exchange (VE), including one of its most comprehensive forms, collaborative online international learning (COIL) has the capability to reach a much greater number of students than physical mobility and traditional modes of academic exchange. Since VE/COIL is usually embedded into existing course work, it can also serve to provide immersive intercultural experiences and digital competences to students wherever they are.

    VE/COIL combines the deep impact of intercultural dialogue and academic exchange with the broadening reach of digital technology. VE/COIL experiences, designed by trained professors and supported by committed institutions, provide specific preparation, training and experiences for student learners to develop crucial skills, such as critical thinking, creative problem solving, effective oral and written communication skills, diverse and global perspectives, and the collaboration skills needed to be employable and successful in their careers. VE/COIL also provides increased opportunities for interdisciplinary innovation and global collaboration between faculty and staff on digital teaching, research, and service-learning strategies for modern learners.


    Contact or refer to the FAQ if you have any questions.