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Required documents for teacher qualifications in school

If you upload all the required documents when you apply, we can start processing your application earlier and you will receive our decision faster.

Recently edited : 4. June 2024

We need the documents in the original language as well as translations. Please make sure you upload all pages of your documents.


ID documents
You must submit a copy of your identity document.

Submit the page that shows your name, date of birth and photo. If this information spans several pages, you need to submit all pages that contain your name, date of birth and photo.

Valid identity documents:

  • Valid international passport (including emergency passport)
  • Family passport
  • National identity card ( issued by an EEA or EFTA country
  • Norwegian refugee travel document
  • Norwegian immigrant’s passport

Name change

If the name on your educational documents does not match your current name, you need to provide us with a proof of name change.

Valid proof of name change can be:

  • Marriage certificate (Norwegian or foreign) stating both your old and your new name
  • Divorce certificate (Norwegian or foreign) stating both your old and your new name
  • Proof of name change from the public authorities in the country where you changed your name
  • Proof of name change from the National Population Register (


Your diploma is the final proof that you have completed an education, a degree, or a qualification. What it is called varies from country to country. In many countries, it is called diploma. If you have not received the diploma from your educational institution, you must explain this in the application and specify when you expect to receive it.

Transcripts or diploma supplements

A transcript or diploma supplement is called "diploma supplement" or "transcript of records" in many countries today. This document contains more information about the qualification and education. It provides additional information about the content of your education and the workload of different subjects, such as the number of hours or credits.

You can also document the content of your education with exam overviews or program descriptions from your educational institution. What is important is that we can see which subjects or courses your education includes and how many hours or credits (such as ECTS, credits, or credit hours) you completed in each subject.

Country specific requirements

If you have higher education as a teacher from China or Pakistan, there are specific documentation requirements for the transcripts and diplomas.

If you have higher education as a kindergarten teacher from Cameroon, Canada, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Phillipines, Hong Kong, Macau, Nigeria, Sudan, South - Sudan, Taiwan or USA, your educational institution must send the transcript of records directly to us.

Supervised teaching practice

One of the requirements for recognition is that the education includes supervised and assessed practical training in primary or secondary school.

If this is not clear in your educational documents, you must include a confirmation from your educational institution that you have completed practice in a school.

Documentation of your professional qualification

We need to know what your education qualifies you for in the country of education, and we need to know if your education qualifies you for a profession equivalent to a teacher in primary or secondary school in Norway.

If you have a license, authorization, or official state examination or test from the country of education, you should upload a copy of this.

If it is not clear from your educational documents that your education qualifies you as a teacher in primary or secondary school, you must attach a confirmation of this from the educational authorities or approval authorities in the country of education.

Educational and approval authorities can, for example, be a ministry or directorate under the government of the country, such as the Ministry of Education and the Directorate for Higher Education and Skills being educational and approval authorities in Norway.

Professional experience

You should provide references for all your relevant work experience, including experience from abroad. This may benefit the outcome of your application.

Your work references should be from your employer and should confirm the position’s content, scope, and duration. In other words, work certificates should include information about:

  • job title, including description of responsibilities and tasks
  • percentage of employment
  • duration and period of time (from date to date) (for instance percentage of employment, job title and period).


Documents issued in a different language than English or one of the Nordic languages, must be translated into Norwegian or English.

We accept the following:

Translations done by a government authorised translator. You can find authorised translators in Norway through Translatørportalen , website of the Association of Government Authorized Translators in Norway.

Translations done by other professional translators in Norway or abroad, tolketjenesten, embassies, etc. You can find translators operating in Norway by searching the The Brønnøysund Register Service.

Documents issued in English by the university at which you studied or received your degree, or the responsible authority that issued your craft or journeyman’s certificate.

Documents issued in Icelandic and Finnish. However, we do recommend that you have them translated into Norwegian, Swedish, Danish or English. This is to ensure faster processing of your application. In some cases, your case officer will require a translation of your Icelandic or Finnish documents.

We do not require that translated documents have an apostille.

The name of the translator must be apparent on the translation. If the submitted translations are not good enough, we reserve the right to ask for new translations.

We do not accept translations done by yourself or other private persons.

Guidelines for uploading documents

Scan your documents, and make sure they are legible, before you upload them in the application.

  • If a document has more than one page, please scan them together and upload them in one file. A document can for instance be a diploma, transcript of grades, Diploma Supplement, ID, proof of name change, translations or an employment contract.
  • The required format is PDF.
  • Do not upload compressed files (such as ZIP or RAR files).
  • If there is information on the reverse side of a document, please scan and upload both sides.
  • If your document is in colour, please scan it in colour.
  • Name the documents with a short and relevant title, like for instance transcript of grades, translation diploma, training in school, practical training, proof of name change.
  • Please be aware that once you have submitted your application, you cannot delete any documents.
  • Submission of false or misleading information will be reported to the police. Read more about False academic credentials and qualifications.