Norwegian Artistic Research School: Seminar 5

The seminar is about the final phase of artistic research project, and the identification and sharing of the contributions to the field. Based on the research fellows’ projects, various forms of contributions are discussed, as well as different formats for final presentations, documentation and the archiving of artistic results and reflection.


  • Who can attend?

    Research fellows participating in the Norwegian Artistic Research School.  The introduction seminar must be completed to qualify for participation in seminar 5. We also recommend that you attend seminars 2-4 before seminar 5.

  • Learning outcome
    • can contribute to the discourse on artistic research
    • can work on complex questions, and challenge established discourses and practices in the field  
    • can share artistic research in relevant national and international contexts
  • Work and teaching methods

    Seminar with preparatory assignments, lectures, presentations in varied formats, plenary discussions and discussions in groups. The assignments and a supplementary reading list will be shared with the participants at least one months before the seminar.

    This is a physical seminar. It is not possible to attend the seminar online.

  • Coursework requirements

    Research fellows must have read the literature on the mandatory reading list and prepared a text and presentation in a relevant format. During the seminar, research fellows must give a presentation and play an active part in the discussion of other research fellows’ projects.

    Please note that these are the requirements for seminar 5 in 2022. There may be made some adjustments for this seminar. The requirements for this seminar will be announced by 18 December.

    • 1) Read the literature on the mandatory reading list.
    • 2) Provide a work-in-progress example of reflection: Make yourself familiar with your institution's criteria for the reflection, and relate the example to one or more of the criteria.
    • 3) All participants must study each other's material in advance of the workshop in preparation for discussions on plans for dissemination of other candidate's projects. The participants will be placed in small groups, and should especially make themselves acquainted with the material provided by the other participants in their group.
    • 4) Choose one exposition from VIS (issue 0-6) which you find as an interesting example of sharing artistic result/reflection. Formulate a sentence that explains why you find the example interesting, and be prepared to share your insight at the seminar.
  • Practical information

    The seminar takes place at Hotel Jeløy Radio on 18-20 January 2023.

    Norwegian Directorate for Higher Education and Skills will book the hotel for all participants. If you do not specify otherwise in your registration, we will book accommodation and full board from 18 to 20 January.

    The price for all three seminar days is NOK 5995 per person and includes single room accommodation from 18 to 20 January, meeting facilities and full board (lunch and dinner day 1, breakfast, lunch and dinner day 2, breakfast and lunch day 3).

    The hotel cost must be paid individually at Jeløy and refunded by your institution.

    If you are not staying at the hotel, the price for meeting facilities and lunch is NOK 595 per day.

    This is a physical seminar. It is not possible to attend the seminar online.

    Seminar 5 is offered yearly, next opportunity to attend the seminar will be in 2024.

  • Program

    The seminar program will soon be announced.

  • Reading list

    Borgdorff, H. (2012). The Production of Knowledge in Artistic Research. In The conflict of the faculties: Perspectives on artistic research and academia (pp. 140–173).

    Schwab, M. (2012). The Research Catalogue: A Model for Dissertations and Theses. In R. Andrews, E. Borg, S. B. Davis, M. Domingo, & J. England (Eds.), The SAGE Handbook of Digital Dissertations and Theses (pp. 339–354). [Not available online, check your library].

    Raes, G. W. (2014). Experimental Art as Research. In D. Crispin & B. Gilmore (Eds.), Artistic Experimentation in Music, An Anthology (pp. 55–60). Leuven: Leuven University Press, Retrieved from: 

    Vassenden, E. (2014). What is critical reflection? A question concerning artistic research, genre and the exercise of making narratives about one’s own work.

    Crispin, D. (2019). Artistic Research as a Process of Unfolding. Unfolding the Process, An International, Peer Reviewed Issue, Published by Norwegian Academy of Music. 

    Vis - Nordic journal for artistic research: At least one exposition. You will find peer reviewed articles and expositions in the journal, among these several projects from still active or graduated research fellows or Phd candidates. Language: English, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish.

    Please note that more texts may be added to the reading list until 18 December.

  • Seminar contributors

    Seminar leader: Michael Francis Duch

    Speakers and moderators

    • Trond Lossius
    • Edvine Larssen
    • Øystein Elle
    • Linda Lien
  • Regulations
  • Norwegian Artistic Research School

    Norwegian Artistic Research School offers through seminars, meetings and conferences joint training for doctoral fellows in Artistic Research.

    Read more about the Norwegian Artistic Research School here.


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